Frequently Asked Questions

Bridal Dance Classes:

1) Why have a bridal dance?
A bridal dance adds that magical moment to your special day. Your friends and family love this moment.
Most of all, you’re in the arms of the man you love for everyone to see. The memory will last a lifetime
2) Will you be able to learn?
Absolutely! Learning a bridal dance is easy and fun. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t learn.
3) What type of lesson should you have?
For most people, personalised lessons are the best. These lessons are tailored to suit your needs and your schedule.
4) What’s your total investment?
$60 per hour per couple
$80 per hour for bridal parties of 4
$100 per hour for bridal parties exceeding 4 (Maximum of 8)
5) How many lessons will you need?
This depends on your choice of dance. For most couples, two lessons are more than enough; usually four at the most.
6) What music should you use?
We suggest you choose a song that has memorable significance for you both. The music you choose will determine the dance you are taught. Did you know that hardly anyone does a waltz any more?
7) When should you start?
Two to three months before your wedding is best.
Remember, things soon become hectic. So plan early!
8) How do you book?
Simply phone on 9889 2022 to make an appointment
Phone now!