Five reasons why you should learn to Ballroom Dance

It's fun, friendly, safe & encouraging
"I work in a pressured job as a computer network manager. I have found Charisma to be a fantasically friendly social environment. The staff at Charisma are so encouraging and make learning such fun." - Bruce A

It's easy
"The unique teaching structure and helpful staff at Charisma makes it easy and enjoyable. They even offer you a 100% money back guarantee if you don't learn." - Roberta C

Make new friends, increasing your social life
"The best part of going to Charisma has been the friends I've made. It's just terrific. My social life has taken off and I feel great. " - Hovik G

It's great for your health & fitness
"I love physical exercise and dancing at Charisma is wonderful. It's great for your cardio-vascular system, blood pressure, stress, flexibility, weight loss... You name it! " - Maureen P

Develops confidence
"We love the confidence that it gives us. No matter which social function we go to, we know we are going to enjoy it to its fullest. " - May & Richard L

Six health benefits of Ballroom Dancing

Relieves stress
"Owning my own landscaping business, is physically and emotionally stressful. The dancing, music and people at Charisma make me feel great again. " - Paul S

Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
"To maintain my pilots licence I have to keep my blood pressure and cholesterol under control. Dancing at Charisma has played a major part in achieving this! " - David D

Increases flexibility
"Being a Physiotherapist, I know how important flexibility is for good health. The very nature of Ballroom Dancing enhances this. " - Susan L

Increases aerobic and cardio-vascular strength
"I love physical fitness. I find dancing a great way to enhance my aerobic and cardio-vascular strength. Best of all, you don't even know that you're exercising!" - Maureen P

Helps fight depression
"Depression is something you live with everyday. Dancing helps so much due to the exercising, socialising, music and friendship. " - Michael B

Reduces weight
"Carrying extra weight can cause health problems. What better way to lose weight than dancing with friends and enjoying the music. " - Denise S